Professional-Fire Displays


Shouldn’t you deal with the company that has successfully fired well over 1000 spectacular displays at Niagara Falls; the company that designs and manufactures the fireworks to strict standards in conformance with all the requirements in Canada; the company that delivers true value-for-money? Remember, if the competition makes it sound too good to be true – it probably is!!! The fireworks display is probably the most eagerly awaited event at your festival or special event. Don't risk the disappointment or liability of a poor or unsafe display. Note that ALL of our displays are electrically fired guaranteeing the utmost in excitement and safety.

Self-Fire Displays


We can provide the fireworks for your display. Again, our prices and quality cannot be beaten. We can also loan you mortars for your display, or alternatively, you can purchase them. We offer advice on set-up, firing sequence, safety and how to get the maximum excitement from your show. Remember, we do this every day of the year. We are happy to pass on advice to you. We're here to help.

Indoor/Close Proximity


Indoor and Close Proximity Displays describes products that have been specifically engineered for use close to audiences and structures. They are being used extensively in theme parks, music concerts, and indoor venues. And they are being used with great safety and control, because of their precise and predictable performance. Since they are designed for firing close to audiences, they are much more "in your face", while using only a fraction of the explosives of conventional fireworks.

Wedding Displays


What better way to end a wedding than to celebrate with a spectacular fireworks display? We customize every wedding display by incorporating the happy couple’s special requests. This might include a “fireworks billboard” with names or initial and a heart, or a section of heart-shaped shells, or fireworks choreographed to the couple’s favourite song. We can make it happen! Wedding packages start at $2,500 plus tax.